Project Descriptions

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The Graduate Symposium for Research and Creative Inquiry welcomes proposals from any current or recent Longwood graduate students. This symposium highlights new and ongoing graduate research or class projects. Graduate students may present on any aspect of their current research or class projects, in whichever format is most relevant to their respective discipline or field of study.


The symposium will be held on Saturday,  April 30 from 12pm-5pm. There are options for both in-person participation and virtual participation.


All participants will submit a recorded presentation (with a visual, such as poster or slides) to the Symposium Committee by 4/22. Participants will be assigned to small groups (either in-person or a Zoom breakout room). During the breakout sessions, they will briefly recap their research and then there will be an opportunity for questions and discussion.


Category 1: This category is for projects where you have reviewed the literature about a particular topic and are providing an overview or summary. In addition, you may also have proposed methods for a study, but you did not carry out the study.

Category 2: This category is for completed research projects where you have collected data and are presenting results and conclusions, in addition to your literature review and methods.

Category 3: If you have a project for a class that does not fit into categories 1 and 2, you can submit it here.

Three minute thesis (3MT) is an international, graduate level initiative that started in Australia at Queensland University and is now used by graduate programs across the United States. At Longwood in 2019, we held our first 3MP (Three Minute Presentation) as a modified version of 3MT.


The 3MP allows graduate students, alumni, and faculty to share how their research, inquiry, and graduate studies will help them make a difference in their chosen careers through a highly polished, practiced, memorized three-minute oral presentation. 3MP presenters are allowed to have one slide and presentations need to be appropriate to non-specialist audiences so anyone can understand the potential impact of a graduate level studies.