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Licensure & Professional Development Courses

These graduate courses are offered 100% online, at our affordable in-state rate of $280.00 per credit ($355 per credit for out-of-state students).

Before enrolling, we advise you to check with either the VDOE or your school HR/personnel department to make sure these courses will meet your needs. We cannot make that determination or advise you on licensure requirements. Click a course to view information and apply, or begin the online application using the link below.
Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsSemester(s) OfferedStart DateEnd Date
PEDU 521Human Growth & Development3Fall, Spring, SummerAug 20, 2022Oct 15, 2022
PEDU 530Reading & Writing Instruction in the Content Areas3Summer and FallAug 20, 2022Oct 15, 2022
PEDU 561Introduction to Giftedness3FallAug 20, 2022Oct 15, 2022
PSPE 522Curriculum and Instruction for Students with Disabilities in the Area of Literacy3FallAug 20, 2022Oct 15, 2022
PEDU 550Classroom & Behavior Management3Fall, Spring, SummerOct 15, 2022Dec 10, 2022
PEDU 563Instructional Models and Strategies for Gifted and Talented Learners3FallOct 15, 2022Dec 10, 2022
PSPE 523Curriculum and Instruction for Students with Disabilities in the Area of Mathematics3FallOct 15, 2022Dec 10, 2022
PEDU 506Foundations of Education3Spring and SummerTBA (Spring '23)TBA (Spring '23)
PSPE 544Formal and Informal Assessment of Students with Disabilities3SpringTBA (Spring '23)TBA (Spring '23)
PSPE 574Transition Planning3SpringTBA (Spring '23)TBA (Spring '23)
PSPE 577IEP Writing and Implementation3SpringTBA (Spring '23)TBA (Spring '23)
PEDU 524Emergent & Early Literacy Instruction3SummerTBA (Summer '23)TBA (Summer '23)
PEDU 542Curriculum Development in the Elementary School3SummerTBA (Summer '23)TBA (Summer '23)
PEDU 543Curriculum Development in the Middle & Secondary School3SummerTBA (Summer '23)TBA (Summer '23)
PREA 525-P01ELL Bootcamp: Assessment, Culture, and Professionalism1SummerTBA (Summer '23)TBA (Summer '23)
PREA 527-P01ELL Bootcamp: Instructional Delivery1SummerTBA (Summer '23)TBA (Summer '23)
PREA 526-P01ELL Bootcamp: Linguistics1SummerTBA (Summer '23)TBA (Summer '23)
PSPE 515Survey of Exceptional Students3SummerTBA (Summer '23)TBA (Summer '23)

Our For-credit courses are typically offered 100% online, at our affordable, discounted rate of $280 per credit hour in-state, or $355 per credit hour out of state.

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