Graduate Research Topics

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Below are a few examples of Communication Sciences and Disorders research topics:


  • How do background noise and reverberation affect the intensity of an instructor's voice during classroom instruction?
  • Can a test of grocery shopping skills adequately discriminate shopping abilities in participants with and without moderate to severe traumatic brain injury?
  • Are there differences in pronunciation of key anatomical terms in students who complete an in-person anatomy class versus students who complete an online anatomy class?

Below are a few examples of Counselor Education research topics:


  • What are college students' experiences with and reaction to microaggression?
  • What interventions in cognitive behavioral treatment packages are most significant for effectively addressing the mental health problems of children and youth?
  • What do social media postings tell counselor educators about the training needs of K-12 counselors?

Below are a few examples of Health & Physical Education research topics:


  • How do educational leaders transform physical education and/or health education programs?
  • How does student fitness status impact student academic performance?
  • How does physical activity impact preschool students' movement competence and confidence?

Below are a few examples of MBA research topics:


  • What is the impact of real estate agent experience on the selling price and time on market?
  • The effect of distance of nearby hospitals to property values.
  • How can a small locally owned yoga studio increase its client base and enhance awareness for available classes?

Below are a few examples of Reading, Literacy, & Learning research topics:


  • What are the best instructional practices in literacy for Spanish-speaking students who are in the lower elementary grades?

Below are a few examples of School Librarianship research topics:


  • Can incorporating graphic novels increase boys' comprehension of reading?
  • A quantitative study of the effect of fluency practice on reading comprehension.
  • A case study of learning center use in Virginia elementary school libraries.

Below are a few examples of Special Education research topics:


  • The force of ADHD on a student's academic achievement: A case study.
  • WatchMe, Model Me! Exploring video modeling for students with Learning Disabilities.
  • The effects of Pivotal Response Training on students with autism spectrum disorders.
  • Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the effects of social stories.
  • Getting to know D. Day, finding strengths and weaknesses: A Case Study.
  • The effectiveness of the Incredible Years Program for students with emotional and behavioral disorders.
  • The effects of picture exchange communication system for children with autism spectrum disorder.
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