Incomplete Extension Request

The Incomplete Extension Request Form should be used by Longwood University Graduate Faculty to request an extension from the Dean of the Graduate College for a current incomplete. Please be sure to fill out all the information on the form, including final due dates for all work and the date the updated grade will be submitted to the Registrar. The request will be reviewed by Dean Perry and, upon approval, will be sent to the faculty member requesting the extension and the Registrar’s Office for processing. It is the faculty members responsibility to notify the student once approval has been granted.

Incomplete Extension Request Form
Please indicate the semester the original incomplete was given.
Is the student/will the student be registered for any additional courses during the term for which this extension is granted?

Work Remaining to Complete

*If the student does not complete all the work by the final due date, even if that date is prior to the end of the term, the instructor may issue the corresponding grade.

**Please be sure to use a final due date that gives the instructor enough time to grade the work before the end of term, when the extension expires.​

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