Course Repeat Request Form

The Repeated Course Policy allows a graduate student three course repeats, with approval, for which the original grade is excluded and the most recent grade earned, even if it is lower, is included in the Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation. A graduate student can retake three different courses, but may not repeat the same course more than once. After three course repeats have been used, if a student should repeat additional courses, both the original and the new grade will be included in GPA calculations.  To obtain approval to repeat a course under this policy, the student must submit a Course Repeat Request Form prior to registering for the repeat course. 
Courses retaken without approval may not be eligible for replacement under this policy.

Only graduate coursework taken at Longwood University can be used in the repeat grade calculation. Transfer credits do not replace an earned grade. The repeat policy does not apply to courses which have an alternate repeat policy stated in the course description. Retaking a class can extend the time it takes for the student to graduate. It is the student’s responsibility to consult with Financial Aid about how this policy will affect their status.

All enrollments and grades appear on the transcripts regardless of repeat status. Grades for repeated courses after the fourth repeat are designated on the transcript with an ‘A(verage)’, in the repeat column of the transcript, to signify the grade is calculated in the grade point average.

Course Repeat Request Form
I understand the following:
Information Release Approval (NOTE: Without release of records, the GFPC will have limited information to make final decision which could result in a denial of the request.)
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