Reading Like a Writer: Using Children's Books as Models for Writing


About the class

Instructor: Dr. Jeannine Perry
Format: 4 week class, 100% online
Cost: $99.00
Suggested recertification points: 30

Reading Like a Writer: Using Children's Books as Models for Writing


Teaching writing can be a challenging, time-consuming, and draining process but it does not have to be — and you do not need to teach alone! Writers learn what they need to know about writing from reading and examining how authors use words and structures to effectively convey meaning. You and your students are surrounded by hundreds of authors in your classrooms and libraries. In this class we will discuss what it means to read like a writer, examine numerous examples of writer’s craft through focused, children’s book text sets, and develop learning experiences that will help both teacher and student separate what a books is about from how it is written. Learning how to write by studying the work of excellent writers is fun, engaging, and extremely effective. When that happens, so does amazing growth and progress in writing.

Goals & Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the reasons why studying the way writers use words is important to teaching writing.
  • Explain the differences between reading like a reader and reading like a writer. Write objectives that clearly reflect an understanding of that difference.
  • Select children’s books or other texts relevant to your grade level that effectively demonstrate
    how authors accomplish various writing techniques, types of genre, and the use of parts of
    speech, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Plan lessons that preserve the integrity of the story, but allow students to learn and explore
    writing through close analysis.
  • Participate in course activities from the perspective of a student to better understand and apply
    those activities to your own lessons

Non-Credit classes start at $99, and are typically available online. In addition to gaining professional skills, this is a perfect opportunity to acquire recertification points, professional development credits, or continuing education units (CEU’s).

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