Retroactive Course Withdrawal Form

Students may withdraw from individual classes with a grade of W until noon on the 50th day of regularly scheduled classes or, for classes held in non-traditional time frames including summer, until the mid-point of the class. After that date, withdrawals from individual classes are not permitted. A student who needs to withdraw for medical reasons from the University or from a class after the deadlines cited above must, by noon of the last class day, must complete a Retroactive Withdrawal Request. In addition, a letter must be sent by a physician, detailing the nature of the illness, and recommending withdrawal for medical reasons. In other extenuating circumstances not related to academic performance, the Dean may grant a withdrawal if a written request from the student is received by noon of the last class day. If the Dean approves the request, the Dean will send a copy of the request or letter to the Office of the Registrar and the affected grade(s) for that semester will be noted as W on the student’s transcript. The Dean will notify the student’s faculty members of any grade changes.

Retroactive Withdrawal Request

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