PEDU 589: Online, Hybrid, and Blended Teaching for the K12 Classroom


About the course

Instructor: Dr. Julie Mersiowsky
Format: 8 weeks, 100% online
Credits: 3
Suggested recertification points: 90

PEDU 589: Online, Hybrid, and Blended Teaching for the K12 Classroom


Examination and exploration of pedagogically sound online, hybrid, and/or blended teaching practices. Includes a review of current and emerging technology tools to support online, hybrid, and/or blended teaching, including but not limited to: web-conferencing, learning management systems, video development, and online content creation. This course is intended for currently licensed teachers and individuals with a Bachelor’s degree who are seeking a teaching license. Learn to manage PK12 online, hybrid, and/or blended classes through content and resource creation. 3 credits.

Payment Information

The cost is $280 per credit for Virginia residents and $355 per credit for non-Virginia residents.

While the course doesn’t qualify for federal financial aid, we offer a Graduate Monthly Payment Plan option.  Click here to learn more.


Non-Credit classes start at $99, and are typically available online. In addition to gaining professional skills, this is a perfect opportunity to acquire recertification points, professional development credits, or continuing education units (CEU’s).

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