Counseling Respecialization Pathway

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College of Graduate & Professional Studies

Dr. Marsha Rutledge

Counseling Respecialization Coordinator

Our Format

1 Year | 2 Semesters | 12 credits

  • 7-week courses
  • Start in summer and finish in fall

Discounted Tuition Rate

  • $280 per credit (in-state)
  • $355 per credit (out-of-state)

Admission Requirements

  • Online application
  • Transcript showing conferred master’s degree in mental health counseling

Are you a Mental Health Counselor in Virginia looking for a pathway into School Counseling?

The Respecialization Pathway from Mental Health Counseling to School Counseling licensure is designed to allow professionals who previously obtained a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling to pursue school counseling licensure in the state of Virginia.

This pathway consists of four school counseling-specific courses that provide foundational knowledge and skills related to the profession and allows for an internship as required by the state. 

Courses are online and begin in the summer.

Course Sequence

This course provides an examination of professional and ethical practice of PreK-12 school counseling in the elementary, middle, and secondary settings. There will be an emphasis on contemporary models of school counseling, including applications of comprehensive, developmental models of program development, implementation, and evaluation.

This course requires students to explore current issues and trends that affect PreK-12 school counseling theory and practice. Topics of study may include the school counseling program’s role in student/school safety, crisis intervention/threat assessment, leadership, accountability, and student development/achievement. Topics may evolve based on changes in the field.

A detailed study of the school counselor’s role in working with and advocating for students with exceptionalities that may affect learning, development and adjustment, including caregiver/educator consultation, teaming and collaboration, and classroom management approaches.

This course includes an internship fee of $75.00 ($25.00 per credit).

Supervised counseling experience in a clinical mental health setting. The internship provides an opportunity for the student to perform, under clinical supervision, a variety of professional counseling activities that a regularly employed counselor in the setting would be expected to perform. Evidence of professional liability insurance covering the entire duration of the field placement must be presented prior to working with clients/students in the field. Students earn 1 credit hour for a minimum of 100 clock hours and must complete all of the field hours for which they are registered by the end of the graduate semester. Students must re-enroll as many times as necessary to earn the required 6 credit hours Students pursuing licensure as a Professional Counselor (LPC) must familiarize themselves with the Virginia Board of Counseling requirements as they relate to the Internship. Graded Pass/Satisfactory Progress/Not Pass. 


The courses are offered fully online, at our affordable, discounted rate of $280 per credit hour in-state, or $355 per credit hour out-of-state.

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